James Dean

JD, aka my little best friend, has been my side-kick since my summer after graduating high school. I purchased him with the sales proceeds of my first car (yeah, the full proceeds) and he was worth every cent! He’s been the best hiking sidekick and the barkingest fetch buddy you could imagine. He sleeps above my head and licks my tears away, always. He’s both spunky and sensitive and his favorite food is tortillas. We often joke that JD also stands for Jealous Dog because he gets very petty and envious when Milo gets any sort of attention. Though he has a leaky heart valve now, he’s lived the best life and he’s taught me amazing lessons about patience and love for animals.



Milo is the most stubborn damn dog I have ever met. My husband received him as a high school graduation gift from his mom after she met JD and they all fell in love. Technically, Milo is supposed to be my husband’s and JD is supposed to be mine, but I’m quite sure they both like me more (just don’t tell my husband!). Milo has Addison’s disease so is a little chunky from his steroids, but is otherwise the most damn attractive dog you’ll see walking down the street and he knows it. Milo lives for food, food, food, fetch and his people and also tolerates his brother, JD. I think Milo truly missed his calling as a barn dog, but not sure he would be happy giving up any attention that could be on him.