One Reason

One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.
— Rick Godwin.

So this weekend I said my goodbyes to Mikey. I really didn't think I'd get so attached, but my experiences with him totally cemented my desire to have my own horse. I've never really had a horse bond to me much at all, as lesson horses are used to seeing different people all the time and don't often form hard bonds. But there really is nothing like walking through the barn and having a horse nicker hello to you. Making progress with horse's trust is so validating, just as having a dog or cat bond to you brings pride. Having an animal choose to be with you and be happy about it just brings a lot of joy.

But unfortunately, it got to the point with Mikey that I was afraid to ride him not only because I could fall off and no one would be around to witness it, but he's not 100%. That's all I'll say. I couldn't ride him and feel good about it when he has so many skin, hoof and soundness problems.

I tend really resist change and I rely on my routines so it'll be sad not going out and just hanging out with him. Again, though, I decided it's best to focus on my goals, and work slowly but surely in that direction. Love you Mikey. Hope you find health and happiness, bud.