Pups in the Snow

First sign of snow on our drive up!

First sign of snow on our drive up!

Last weekend, hubby and I got to take our first vacation as a married couple! It was also our first time getting away with the dogs in 4 years and they were such good pups.  


Our drive up could not have been more picturesque, complete with coffee and our favorite podcasts. Milo didn’t even throw up!

The area was supposed to be in for an “atmospheric river” and it started rain/snowing the day after we arrived. Luckily, there was already some snow (about three feet) on the ground for the dogs to explore! Milo is more of a bulldozer anyway, and his tactic was to just lay down and swim through while James was much more concerned with not falling in the holes I made in the snow.


The cabin we stayed in was so tiny and cute and perfect. We mostly just lazed around, went for walks, had some amazing naps and enjoyed the fireplace. We had some snowy hikes planned for the boys but the warm rain could make things icy slippery and I didn’t want to risk it. Also, we’re lazy.

Husband made filet and scallops one night and they were TO. DIE. FOR. He doesn’t cook much, but when he does he always make it amazing. See below.

Our trip was also, ashamedly, our first time testing out the Subie’s fabulous AWD. Besides making out trip home in the super-storm, she looked mighty pretty in the snow-y driveway.

I’m just glad everything worked out and we got to get away before hubby’s finals and bar prep, because his life is about to get fun. Cheers hub!


or Things You Would Know About Me if You Knew Me

I was going to do a whole spiel about my life story, how I got here, what this blog is about, but I thought it might just be easier to introduce myself with some things that most people would find out about me when they meet me.

1.     I recently married my high school sweetheart. We have two sweet fur-babies and the cutest little apartment.
2.     I’m a coffee addict like the rest of you.
3.     I am what happens when the crazy horse girl everyone knows, grows up. *Currently leasing a tall, dark and handsome OTTB.
4.     Sugar is the devil. Low-carb for the past 4 years.
5.     Northern California born and raised and [probably] never leaving.
6.     Recent graduate and am now adjusting to Real Life.
7.     My favorite things include: puns, wrapping gifts, jean jackets, podcasts, meeting happy doggos and Country/R&B playlists.
8.     Gifts are my love language.
9.     I am a neat and organization freak, but not a germophobe.
10.   I’m currently aspiring to: choose joy, be a better rider, have a proper capsule wardrobe, be a better more attentive friend, and achieve the Two-H (own a home and horse).