Lesson Update - March 2018

Okay, but how cute is his jump-hunting face?

Okay, but how cute is his jump-hunting face?


I know that progress is not always a steady incline, but rather a series of progressions and regressions. And this was my notable regression lesson. I would like to blame it on my very slight hangover or using new, very slippery reins. Whatever the reason, it wasn't my best performance. Luckily for me, Leo is a true ass-saver and bailed me out a few times.

My lesson the day before was rockin' so it didn't truly upset me that I didn't do super well, but it was also the lesson the day before that prompted me to ask someone to record our course... but even the bad days are worth recording, whether to know what to work on or a reference to work off of. I know I need to not move my hips forward so much at the beginning of a jump, aka jumping ahead, and not let Leo gallop down the line and end up deep on the second jump. I ended up with a severe lack of "folding" over the jump after our super-late-add mishap (which happened during our first course) and began riding defensively.

Other than that, I have been happily jumping higher on a regular basis, rather than it being a rare occasion. Our warm-ups used to be cross-rails, and now they are normally two foot jumps. I think we might be ready for the 2'6" division at the schooling show at the end of April, crossing my fingers for now. And switching back to the rubber jumper reins...

In other news, I'm taking a month away from social media and it's been pretty great so far! I spend less time trying to document moments and focus more on experiencing them. It is weird though because I have a weird memory [husband calls me a chicken little, but I think I've had one too many concussions] and worry about forgetting everything. Like, I literally don't remember a majority of my childhood.

 Still, it's better to find a balance between experiencing and documenting rather than creating to document, you know? 

AWWS, Lessons

Last Friday marked my first week of my alternative work week schedule. Basically, I work an extra hour every day, Monday through Thursday, while every Friday is either a regular 8 hour work day or have the entire day off. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but after my first non-holiday weekend I have to say it was so worth which was even more appreciated as this weekend was especially busy!


Friday Morning


in the cutest new mug from Hunt Club, and an upgraded yeti lid fits perfectly

Lesson 10.0

I had my tenth lesson Friday morning on the same horse in my previous post/video. My trainer, after discovering just how much of a beginner I am, decided that I needed to work on counting strides in a line and adjusting strides. If I couldn’t get down the line in the number she asked, then I had to do a stirrup-less trot circle. We started out doing a normal 5 stride in 7, then 6 and then 5. I think I only had to do two trot circles? Going the other way was a different story. I don’t know if my right leg is weak or if this particular horse just looooves to drift right (probably both) but it was just not possible for us. Even if I got to the first jump alright, he would drift all the way out of the line screwing up whatever success I thought I had set us up for. I couldn’t for the life of me get him to do anything other than a 6.

Thankfully, my trainer didn’t make me do any stirrup-less trot circles for those failures, but I was disappointed and I have a feeling she was too. But the plus side of morning lessons is not being rushed to get home before dark. I got to hang out, give the pon’ a good hosing off and actually clean tack and just hang out with the horses.

Non-equestrian Shenanigans

Friday we grocery shopped. I’m back on keto, and it’s been ridiculously successful so far, so we had to stock up on bacon, eggs and cheese. Life is hard.

Saturday we went out to breakfast with hubby’s family. Well, it was pretty much lunch by the time we got there but they have the best low carb meals and we got to catch up with his mom, papa and brother. From there, I had to drive up to my mom’s and help her file some paperwork but we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on that front and every step counts. I brought her my brunch leftovers and James since he’s the best version of a borking therapy dog. I’m so glad I did because it really seemed to help distract my mom from being stressed about her situation, plus they’re both in love with each other. Speaking of James, he got his picture taken so I can order his watercolor portrait to match Milo’s.

After I got back from helping my mom, we were spontaneously invited to sushi with our couple friends. Normally, I’m adamantly opposed to last minute plans, but why nottttt? We went to a new sushi place that they’d heard great things about. The service was so. bad. It took the four of us over an hour to receive like three rolls of sushi, during which three other tables of two people came and went. The sashimi and roasted Brussel sprouts were amazing and my two glasses of wine were comped because of the long wait on the food. Everyone else was mad enough about it that I didn’t need to be mad?

And then Sunday we did more chores and a puzzle room.

Lesson 11.0

My lesson Sunday morning went so much better than Friday’s! I rode a different horse that I’d only ridden once before, Leo. He’s an ex-equitation horse (I think) and is retired from showing because he just up and decided it wasn’t for him. But as he’s still a super nice horse and very well behaved at home so he’s a lesson horse for more advanced riders and working students.

He’s just an awesome horse though! He is super sweet and loving on the ground, not pushy at all—thank God because he’s huge. His trot is super animated and powerful and I can legit feel my muscles get stronger with every post. Plus, it’s easier to two point his trot than anything else which is great incentive. I did have some trouble getting him to canter, like before. But before I was coming back to riding after being sick for two weeks and this time? My trainer gave me her spurs and hopped on him to show him what’s up. A little embarrassing for me, but I’m a beginner /what can you do? Jumping him once I got him cantering was so, so nice though.

I felt like I meshed much better with him than with the last lesson horse I rode and my trainer agreed that Leo was a much better fit. His gaits and jump are just much more expressive and put my body into the correct position without even having the chance to think about it, and I don’t have to worry about getting him too deep to the jump, he just goes! So hopefully I’ll be riding him in my lessons for the majority of the time. The way my trainer was talking, he would be the horse that helps me to move up from jumping 2’ – 2’6” which is what I think I’ve been jumping to 3’ and above. My goal is to be able to course 3’3 by next summer so we’ll see if that’s a possibility!

Is he not the cutest thing ever!?