Homesite Excite(ment)

Last weekend hubby and I ventured out for a little home site window shopping (actually might be necessary pretty soon here!). Viewing model homes is one of our favorite hobbies and definitely helps us narrow down what design choices would work for us both. Plus, it's like HGTV in real life.

Being able to see different layouts, finishes and quality of build is [unnaturally] exciting for me but also motivating for us as a couple. We just resigned our lease on our apartment for the last time and we're more than excited to get our pups into a place with a backyard (in 18 months, there's a countdown).

House 1

We generally liked the design choices in this home, like the flooring, cabinets and countertops. But why would they but overwhelming built-ins in such a tiny living room? The backsplash is also bland looking along with all the outlets and the giant mirror to make the room look bigger was so blatant, it's almost irritating.


Home 2

The second home we saw was a little better size-wise, and I liked the amenities in the kitchen like the wine fridge. Okay, I just liked the wine fridge... Kitchen was definitely larger, but again it was a tiny house on a small lot considering the price and location. 


The other two homes weren't even worth taking pictures of, they were so poorly decorated. Plus, the location was way too far away from the barns that I'd prefer to be near. #sorryhubby #itsafactor