A few weekends ago, hubby and I visited more new construction home sites. Partly because it’s my favorite pastime and I’m starting to convince myself it’s necessary. The homes we saw this time around were so much nicer than the ones [I previously posted about]. We weren’t super in love with the design choices and finishes, but the layouts were much better suited to what we’ll need as well as having larger lots for our pups. We looked at nine layouts I think, but had three favorites.

Favorite 1

I have a feeling this might be the layout we end up with. Jack and Jill bath, front office for hubby, mud room!!!, walk-in pantry, enormous master closet, three bay garage. I mean, this home has it all. Large enough kitchen island. The laundry room isn’t too close to any bedrooms. I love this plan. Slap in some shaker style cabinets and staggered large travertine tile and I’m sold.


Favorite 2

This layout is a big smaller than Favorite 1, and I feel like the living space is significantly smaller. It is much cheaper though, which my husband is always a fan of ($34,000 cheaper than #1). No mudroom, but it does have an office offset from the rest of the home for hubby. Looking at the layout, it’s just kind of ‘meh’ for me, but with the right finishes it could definitely be the perfect first home. I don’t think we need anything that we’ll live in for 10 years. Plus, if it is cheap enough we could keep it as a rental when we move on.


Favorite 3

I love this home. Literally the only negatives to me are that it only has a two car garage and the future kids’ bedrooms are near the front of the house. But it’s got the mud room with plenty of room for a second fridge which my husband really wants... The kitchen has an amazing, enormous island and the open den looks swanky AF. This home is in a nicer area than Favorite 1 and 2, but is $16,000 more than Favorite 1 and $50,000 more than Favorite 2.

In any case, all home sites are within a 15 minute drive to like 4 different barns, so we’re good on that front! Also, the number one thing that cements in my mind the need to buy new construction over an older home in an established area (other than the expense, lol) is the fact that older homes have like… no windows. I NEED LIGHT.

Anyway, our apartment lease ends in about 18 months, hubby graduates in about 9 months and the homes take 6 to 9 months to build so sounds like we do actually need to start preparing and saving as much as possible. And I'm seriously overjoyed. I still can't believe I got such a good job and we're so set up for success!

Homesite Excite(ment)

Last weekend hubby and I ventured out for a little home site window shopping (actually might be necessary pretty soon here!). Viewing model homes is one of our favorite hobbies and definitely helps us narrow down what design choices would work for us both. Plus, it's like HGTV in real life.

Being able to see different layouts, finishes and quality of build is [unnaturally] exciting for me but also motivating for us as a couple. We just resigned our lease on our apartment for the last time and we're more than excited to get our pups into a place with a backyard (in 18 months, there's a countdown).

House 1

We generally liked the design choices in this home, like the flooring, cabinets and countertops. But why would they but overwhelming built-ins in such a tiny living room? The backsplash is also bland looking along with all the outlets and the giant mirror to make the room look bigger was so blatant, it's almost irritating.


Home 2

The second home we saw was a little better size-wise, and I liked the amenities in the kitchen like the wine fridge. Okay, I just liked the wine fridge... Kitchen was definitely larger, but again it was a tiny house on a small lot considering the price and location. 


The other two homes weren't even worth taking pictures of, they were so poorly decorated. Plus, the location was way too far away from the barns that I'd prefer to be near. #sorryhubby #itsafactor