Bat Walk, yo

So this Friday night hubby and I and our couple friends went on a little educational.... bat walk. Totally normal.

It was actually very educational. I'm always down for learning about local wildlife and ways to promote and protect them. Also, I'm in love with anything that eats or kills bugs (hello spider colony on my balcony). The sunset was also a pretty flawless backdrop to seeing them come out from under the causeway. I was half thinking of the Supernatural episode where the demons are released from hell, half singing War Pigs watching the hawks hunt the bats.

California State Fair

Hubby and I visited the State Fair last week and I felt a little obligated to share all my pictures. I surprisingly didn't end up bringing my nice camera, but instead took pictures with my phone and they still turned out alright (didn't get any good ones of my favorite Jersey cows though!). It was a relatively cool night, but we were rushed because it was a weekday. Stopped by the garden area, saw the ADORABLE mini donkey and baby, hubby pulled me away from the wine slushie line and finished our night on the monorail. Hadn't been on it in probably twenty years and it was so worth. But we did both agree that after three years of attending the fair in a row, our visits would last us until we had kids who were old enough to enjoy it. TG.