Something about the weekend...

First of all, cheers to all the good times weekends have ever brought into my life. Truly, I am so thankful.

But something's gotta change. The amount of eating out my husband and I have done lately is not, uhhhh good. Too many birthdays clustered together. First my husband's and then I had to bring donuts to my dad's (as is tradition) for his birthday. And then we went out to dinner. And then out to brunch the next day. And it's just too much! (jk, there will always be room for brunch)

On next weekend's agenda: an ultra-long walk with our pups and maybe only go out to eat once?? *crossing my fingers for brunch*

OH! And I also "learned" how to make a Moscow Mule after having my interest piqued by listening to Heels Down Happy Hour on HRN. I say learned because it's literally just ginger beer, vodka and lime and it's fantastic. Even hubby indulged with me. See cute pics below.