My Two H blog has slowly turned into One H

When I first began this blog, I imagined the topics would be split between horse and riding posts and home-y, pinterest-inspired posts. Well, horses have taken over since I can only post so much about our apartment. And home shopping is being pushed back further and further, which hasn’t necessarily been a bad thing.


We’ve opted to pay down debt before jumping into home ownership, and as long as horse ownership isn't also postponed, It's All Good. At one point in my Financial Planning focused college career I discovered Dave Ramsey and unfortunately for my home aspirations also introduced my husband to his theories. Though we don’t follow all his financial tenants, we do agree it’s better to not have debt and to reduce payments as much as possible. I think Dave’s teachings are closer to preaching abstinence to alcoholics, and we aren’t “that bad” but we already decided we'd like to create a legacy for our children [that wasn’t done for me]. Horses are and will be strenuous enough on our budget as it is so it's important to me to be as mindful as possible about our financial future. AKA I want to have my cake and eat it too.


In the meantime, I’m happy to report on any new apartment furnishings and model home tours we do. OSTED rug I'm coming for you! ...It's in the budget, I swear. We might even rearrange our furniture in the near future and that would definitely warrant a blog post, right?