Welcome to the Family, Leo!

After months of agonizing over what to do about my sweet Leo, changing my mind every other hour about whether to buy or move on, I finally admitted that there’s no way I could ever say goodbye to him. I didn’t quite convince my husband of the same, it was more of a solemn acceptance but I’m just lucky he loves to see me happy. At least I waited for him to pass the bar, right?


Leo is an 18-year-old, 17.1 Rhinelander warmblood.

Buying an older horse is rarely a financially sound decision (blog post on that later), but if any horse deserves a safe landing spot, it’s Leo and he’s found it with me. Thanks and apologies to everyone for letting me pretend he was mine for the past two years. Welcome to the family sweet boy!

Brief Introduction / Reasons He’s A Unicorn / Cutest Quirks:

  • Loves all animals and is always interested in befriending any horse, human, dog or cat

  • Becomes braver and braver on trails every time we go out

  • Basically reads my mind if I think even think “chip”

  • Always, always, always saves my amateur af butt

  • Tall, dark and decisively handsome

  • Has taken me from crossrails to 3’ (okay, we’re working on getting back up there)

  • He doesn’t destroy blankets

  • Not allowed to talk + ride

  • Has the best flaxen tail

  • Has the cutest jump

  • Loves bananas

  • Ex big eq boy

  • Is mine

Loved him from the first day. 8/8/17.

Loved him from the first day. 8/8/17.