My Experience with an Animal Communicator Pt I

Everyone knows I like horses. I’m a horse girl, yes, but not just that, I’m a Dorky Horse Girl which means I absolutely listen to Horse Radio Network podcasts all day at work. Recently on one episode of Retired Racehorse Radio, one of the trainer/hosts mentioned she had a session with an animal communicator to better understand her incoming OTTBs. (I have to say I love how accepting most horse people are of animal communicators because often dealing with this animals it can come to ‘whatever works’.) I creepily tracked the host down on Facebook and asked her if she could give me the communicator’s contact information.

I’d wanted to do something like this for my dogs for quite a while, so I drafted an e-mail to Anise Silvernail but saved it to get some input from my husband. Well, that week JD was diagnosed with CHF and the following week had an EKG which found he now had Mitral Valve Disease from his murmur progressing, so not the greatest news (I luckily got all my 800 cry sessions out before the phone call)! But with that, I thought there would be no better time to speak to Anise to learn more about my animals’ opinions.

Briefly at the beginning of the conversation we discussed how the communication works. Basically (from my elementary understanding), animals can learn words and even if they do not understand the conversations around them, they understand tone and interactions and communicate back through words, pictures or showing scenes telepathically which is part of the reason it’s not as easy to communicate with wild animals - they don’t learn human language. Animals she communicates can generally express themselves anywhere from a 3rd to 6th grade level as far as complexity of ideas go. She told me to prepare some questions before the call so I don’t forget to ask anything and asked for their names, breed and age to be able to communicate with them.


Q: How is he feeling?

A: He understands that he’s sick, but he’s still happy. He still wants to do a variety of things and enjoy life as much as possible. He said that he’s not dead yet and to cry when he’s gone but for now he wants to do as much possible together, play and snack, and he doesn’t want to cut his life back.

Q: What does he want to do more of?


A: He keeps talking about snacking, like something cut up in the kitchen? Maybe salami, ham or sausage? It’s pink. (I think this is either chicken breast or turkey! Hopefully I can find JD a low salt lunch meat!) He wants to also just chill outside in the sun, not like on a walk with people or dogs walking by, but sunbathe and relax outdoors. He likes when his people sit and read and likes to see his people content at home.

Q: Has he had a happy life, even though he never got his backyard?

A: He feels fulfilled and loved, and sees himself more as a little person because he’s so included in everything. He says, “We did this, we did that, we got our home [apartment] together, …”

A: [unprompted] He’s having bladder issues and is very embarrassed about it. His ego is hurt, and he’s used to going around being the cutest dog and everyone cooing over him and his pride is hurt by the diapers. Maybe see if you can talk to the vet about incontinence, or frame the diaper as a positive for him. Make it a celebration and something to be excited about.

[I got a bit emotional towards the end and didn’t end up taking many notes during this part of the conversation]

Q: Is there anything else he would want to tell us? Can you tell him sorry he never got a backyard?

A: He says he has literally everything he wants! He can’t imagine what else would he would need.


Q: What makes him happiest?

A: First off, Milo wants everyone to know that he’s in charge and is the favorite. We should do more of what he says. He’s just this massive personality and if he could shrink down and fit in our pocket he would go around with us all day. He’s very self important and thinks no one understands that he’s the fabric holding the family together. He feels like his importance is forgotten with everything going on with JD, which he understands. There is some sibling rivalry, not dislike but he pouts and feels under appreciated. [He absolutely pouts] We should do something special with Milo alone to make him feel better.

A: Milo wonders how JD passing will that change our family dynamic and has anxiety if they both get sick, what will happen to mom and dad?

Q: What would he like to do more of?


A: More praising, petting, celebrate him, Milo likes to snack but he LOVES engaging play time and jumping around with him. Not just throw the toy and he brings it back.

Q: How are his joints feeling? Is he ever in pain?

A: Joints are sticky but not painful, all of his joints pop when he gets up to stretch and usually once he gets going he’s fine.

Q: Does he like his food?

A: It’s a little dry compared to their old food.

Q: Does Milo like other dogs besides JD? Would he want another dog in the house after JD?

A: He does not like other dogs. He’ll be sad if JD dies but he will not want another dog. He wants to be in charge. No cats either.

Q: Can we help him be less afraid of being tripped over or having things dropped on him?

A: He says this isn’t your fault, he’s always been that way, but it’s hard to him to see what’s going on around him - he can’t look up or around that well because he has a short neck and he says he wants to be groomed again. And his fur creates a shadow effect that makes him sometimes see things that aren’t there (I’m guessing this is all of his extra ear fur that he might see in his peripheral vision).

Q: Would he like to start coming to the barn? Would he be scared of the horses?

A: He’s not so sure about the horses, but would require more attention and interaction. Wouldn’t want to sit there bored for forever and doesn’t want to be tied up but would go if it was short or he had company.

Q: What does he want to do more of?

A: He wants more individual time and attention. He does not want long walks or hikes, we get overzealous (v. true, he does always need a few good breaks on longer walks!). Wants to be treated like a prince.

I also had her communicate with Leo, but I’ll save that (very eye-opening) discussion for another day. It was funny that all three animals remarked that I have a ‘buzzing’ energy and am always working at a high stress level, or am constantly flitting around while I’m home all of which I would say is true.

Do I believe? Absolutely. Even if you don’t, I think it’s such a cool experience and if anything, could be a great story to tell. There’s no way she could have known that Leo had a rough past and issues with feeling abandoned, JD had bladder issues or that Milo thinks he is basically dog royalty. All my social media was also set to private prior to contacting her. For now we are going to be making sure that JD gets to live it up and Milo gets some individualized attention, and probably a hair cut! Milo and JD also said I’m their favorite, so checkmate my dear skeptic husband.

Anise’s contact information is below if you’re interested in having a conversation with your animals!

Anise Silvernail
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