Last Lesson of 2018 Re-Cap

I haven’t really gotten to do a full lesson review since late October, I had a teensy fall early November, days before the horrible and deadly fires in California, which put a stop to riding for a fews weeks. I got back in the saddle and had a few good flat rides before a worse fall at the end of November. On top of that, the trainer I had been riding with since July 2017 left unexpectedly and my comfort zone was no longer existent. To say I was shook would be an understatement.

Luckily, with the help of the head trainer at my barn I’ve slowly been regaining my confidence and actually popped around the courses in my last lesson of 2018 fear-free. Under no circumstances does that mean that it was flawless, but there was no last minute handsiness, and no pray-for-it long spots (which I have also become a fan of recently). I got to lesson with two of my favorite barn-mates as well and husband was kind enough to video for them also! Apologies for the blurry video though, I messed up the camera settings before the lesson and forgot to set it back to auto for videos. Whoops.

Some observations:

  • I wouldn’t look like an orchestra conductor if my reins were the proper length (shorter). Also, the pelham has probably become unnecessary.

  • I need a breastplate so badly. The saddle pad and just plain saddle slippage in this video irk me so much!

  • Trainer pointed out that my hips are way too far forward over the pommel of the saddle, and now that I’ve seen and felt it, it can’t be undone. You can see a definite effort to correct it at the 1:35 line. Honestly, I wonder if my saddle even fits me properly (that’s a shopping idea for another day) or my position was made worse by the saddle slipping?

  • I’m having trouble when cantering and attempting to use my outside leg. It just slips back and up. Need to work on that!

  • As far as the horse goes, Leo is perfect in every way! Even his little trip over the trot fence was cute because he got so mad at it. We’ve been working a lot on counter-canter stuff, so I think keeping his right lead down right-lead lines is becoming easier for him. He’s always so game for whatever lessons we have an I’m incredibly lucky to have gotten to ride such a nice horse. Hoping for more great lessons with him in 2019!