Blogger's Hiaitus

If you’re curious how life has been since… probably about last November, see below. I am the rider. Life is the horse.


Not to say I’m ungrateful for any of the absolutely amazing things that have happened, there ARE dreams coming true. But that’s not to say they didn’t come with stressful strings attached, unfortunately life is not a bank account where the positives can cancel out the negatives.

I was planning on writing a huge post about how I overcame x, y, and z, listing each struggle for some sort of validation or attempt to show how strong I was to overcome, but that got a little self congratulatory. I do have to say, I would not have fared so well were it not for Leo and my husband and… stoicism. Which most people think is lack of emotion or the endurance of pain, but that’s not how I view it. See above. Also read THIS. It was really, really helpful especially with recent issues at my job and feeling like life was happening to me, rather than me affecting my life.

Anyway, look forward to more blogging on my end!