Mini Vacation


For the past 31 years (yep, before I was born), my family has made the same brief trek to the coast for a week-long vacation to Aptos, California. With recent work stress, dog stress, horse stress, all the STRESS, I was ready to decompress. Brett stayed home, as usual, to take care of the dogs since James’s heart couldn’t handle being left with a stranger, plus Brett had a job interview rescheduled Monday anyway!


What I gained from this trip: quality time with family, about 5 extra pounds, a hangover, confidence for my own interview, motivation to make a change in employment, and perspective on what matters in life, like family and not whatever goes on at work!

ONE DAY I’ll find a way to make this trip for the entire week with my husband in tow, until then, I’ll take what I can get!

Shout out to my amazing grandparents for starting this tradition, keeping it going, and building such an amazing family that can stand being in one house for the entire week!