A Tribute to Horse Show Live Streams

As a nine to fiver but also an equestrian, the struggle to feel involved during the work week is real. What helps? Well, for one, having two computer screens at my work desk, and two, having one of those screens tuned in to a horse show live stream. The following are a few of the observations I’ve made while watching, many of which emphasize things my trainers have already told me.

  1. If you enter the ring in a mess, your round will be a mess. There’s a reason your trainer tells you to start over when you chip the first jump of a course during your lesson. If it starts bad, it will be bad. I feel like a solid 75% of the time I can tell if someone is going to have a refusal or unscheduled dismount by how frazzled they appear when they walk in or how quickly their position devolves after the first few jumps.

  2. Turn-out is everything. Same idea as above. I’ve noticed that there’s something about the horse and rider that walks into the ring looking bedraggled: if you don’t feel your best, you can’t ride your best. Why do you think Karl Cook is dressed to the nines at every competition? He’s ready to win. Don’t wear a polo at a rated show. Come on people.

  3. Hunters are boring. To watch. There are only so many times someone can watch the same fancy horses, with the exact same perfect and beautiful gaits do a figure 8 course. Not to say it isn’t a challenge and very exciting to do it, but let’s be honest, I want to see some bucks and wild rides. Gimme some excitement!

  4. One word names are in. I would list examples here, but kind of want to protect people’s privacy and could list names that I would use, but can’t give away all my amazing potential names!

  5. There are so many more male riders on the East Coast. It must be the old money connotation that equestrian sports have over there, but it seems much more socially acceptable to be a guy and a rider over there.

  6. Just like horse shows, 90% of what goes on in the ring is course setting. And those are my coffee breaks.

USEF and FEI TV on youtube are great resources for finding what is live, but this is my favorite resource for finding relevant horse show streams: