Slightly More Serious Window [House] Shopping!

My husband has been in the trenches of bar prep for weeks now. And I guess I have been, too. It's been a struggle between 1) not bothering him but 2) also knowing that I'm usually the only person he interacts with in person on a usual day and needing to make sure he gets out of the house and doesn't go hermit-crazy.

We've also recently been talking more seriously about when we'll be able to afford a home (hello post-bar employment!!) and have been slightly more serious when going to look at model homes. The developments we've visited will also still be building next year when we'll be ready to buy and it's so exciting to think that the homes we've visited might be ours next year!

We had two favorites this time out, one two-story which we really did not think we would want and then a one story which was also super dreamy. They would both be fabulous for us and our future family, but we'll see what's available when the time comes!

The Two Story

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.06.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.06.51 PM.png

What did I love about this model? Ummm, giant countertop! Th dining room and living room were so cohesive, I can only imagine dinner parties with tons of people not feeling cramped. The loft would be a great kids area, and the kids rooms were close enough to the master. Not so great: only a 2-car garage and was two stories.

The One Story

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.04.29 PM.png

This model was the reason we went out to visit the homesite. It's one story and still has a [huge] mudroom, a walk-in pantry, huge master closet and dining in the main living space. And the three car garage I've convinced myself is necessary! Does not have: an additional living space outside the great room-dining combination, ie. no kids-play area.


We went to visit this homesite because they were one of the few who builds the one-story homes on larger lots, which is kind of the whole point we're looking to buy so soon! Our dogs deserve their own backyard before they're too old to enjoy one! One downside of this specific homesite is that, compared to others we've seen, they don't offer quartz countertops, only granite, and only have white shaker cabinetry and do not offer the wood shaker style door. I want shaker style cabinet doors, and husband does not want white. I don't care about color.

AND THIS DOESN'T EVEN REALLY MATTER, but it's like... little things. We're still open to buying a "used" home, but it's fun to look nonetheless! Plus, time flies and before we know it, I'll be posting a blog about buying our first home!