Motivation Monday: Why Not You?

Comparison may be the thief of joy, but have you ever sat with someone who you truly admire, who has accomplished what you want to? Having a mentor or someone to look up to has been more inspiring than anything else in my life. In my personal, professional, equestrian life, the people who inspire me to do better not just through their encouragement, but because they’ve raised questions in my mind.

Why not me? Not to say the people I look up to aren’t impressive, the most encouraging part is that They. Are. Normal. People. They have good and bad days just like you, they go through life just like you.

The only difference between “the mentors” and the people who haven’t accomplished the same thing is, that at one point, the people who everyone admires decided they were going to take the steps to reach their goals. Unless you want to be Elon Musk, goals don’t require you to be a genius, or ridiculously athletic, or rich or whatever – it requires planning, discipline, bravery and tenacity. Effort.

Next time you’re thinking about someone whose reached the goals you also have, think to yourself: What have they got that I haven’t? Nothing. Go get it.