Goals for 2019

My main goal for next year, and trust me I know this sounds ridiculous, is to have more magical moments.

I came into 2018 considerably more optimistic about life than I am leaving it. Which is fine, shit happens. But after receiving an inspirational bracelet that reads “Believe in Magic” I realized I must be super easy to read and have become somewhat disenchanted.

So my first goal for the year is to work on Believing in Magic again: go beautiful places I’ve never been before and do more out of my comfort zone.

Some other minor goals:

  • Learn to bake

  • Visit grandparents more

  • More dog walks and outings

  • Become a stoic

  • Kick ass at work

  • Compete at a rated show

  • Compete in a derby

  • Be slightly more committed to writing and blogging (but let’s not get crazy)

  • Save SOME money

    • or just focus on spending less on things, and more on experiences and memories

  • Move out of our apartment

  • Cycle twice a week

(and purchase this beast, but that’s a secret!)

(and purchase this beast, but that’s a secret!)