Lesson Update - July 2018

2018-07-07 20_04_21.gif

Recent accomplishments:

  • Started half-leasing Leo. Very big.
  • Jumped 3'3, my highest ever (and honestly it didn't even look that scary!). I'm sure full courses are much more intimidating, but at least it's given me confidence that I'm definitely making progress. I can also check Jump 3' goal off my list! I wonder if 3' Child/Adult Hunters is in our future for next year's season?
  • Decided to at least do 1 day of the schooling show at home next month (as long as I sell enough horse paraphernalia at the tack consignment shop)!

I didn't think I would actually have a video to share this month, but my super loving and ever-supportive husband pried himself away from bar prep to come out and video a lesson the other night. I'm pretty sure I always ride worse when I know I'm being watched/videoed/photographed, but my lesson still went relatively well, besides a few [very] wonky distances. As usual, Leo saves my incompetent butt on the regular.

We started out cantering over a small gate, which he really peeked at but was so cute over. Messed up the distance like 3/4 times before just moving on. Made the gate our first jump of the course with a bending line to the "brick" wall. I was a little tentative [as was he] because all last winter he would have little spooks at those blocks in the indoor, no matter how many times we rode past them in our previous lesson. We survived the bending line to the wall and then went ahead and added in a line starting with the Liverpool jump, another thing I thought I would never get him over. I don't know what's up with him lately, but he has been so lovely and willing. Kinda love him. Anyway, despite the rough distances and knowing I just wasn't on my game that day, I stayed 1) stayed brave 2) finished the course and 3) didn't fall off. All things that count for something, right?

I feel like I'm bragging a lot, but I'm honestly just so surprised that I've made this much progress. I never thought I would jump 3'. I know it's small to some people, definitely to most of the people where I ride, but I grew up riding with maybe 1 lesson a week and thought 2' was huge. Half the time I would bail out on the way to a jump or would be put on horses that found their own distances. Seriously, I didn't know you had to look for your own distance until I rode Leo. I thought it just happened on it's own--if only! My point being, I'm proud of the progress I've made. I'm glad I chose the barn I'm at now where I'm surrounded with better riders than myself. "If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room." can also be attributed to talent. Surrounding yourself with people that are better than you inspire you to achieve.