Equestrian Wishlist, Summer 2018

1. San Soleil White/Navy SunGlow Top

Literally cannot dream up a classier looking sunshirt.

2. San Soleil Tennis Print SunGlow Top

Just kidding, this is clearly the classier sunshirt. Tennis racket print? Wow, can I stop by the country club before my lesson for a mimosa? I feel like I would have to with this shirt.

3. [another pair of] ManeJane Spur Straps

At the top of my current want-list is the four leaf clover, Oh La Latte, or Rose Fox on the Rox. Or maybe I'll buy them all. Plus, I have to say it's awesome to purchase horsie items from a small business who stands behind their products. Did I mention they overnighted my last order to arrive in time for my last horse show? They're amazing!

4. Kerrits Cross-Over Breeches

Okay, so I already ordered these in the Storm (blue) color and I'm so glad they ended up on my wishlist. I had a few pairs of the Ice Fil Tech Tights last summer and they were A. Mistake. These, thankfully, are SO flattering, even more so than a Tailored Sportsman. Perfect rise and smoothes every dimple. I do wish they had other, better colors. I might get the Colt (brown) next. But look forward to a product review coming soon!

How cute is this!? Regardless of how dirty white tees get at the barn...

How cute is this!? Regardless of how dirty white tees get at the barn...

5. Wine Down Hoof Pick

So this 'hoof pick' doesn't have much to do with horses, but I figure I can use it to start yet another conversation about horses. Or possibly bring it to the barn to keep in my tack trunk for Barn Whinnies & Wine (probably @adultammystrong copyrighted) Nights, which I'm still trying to get going...

6. Eqwine White Tee

I love all of Eqwine Co's sweatshirts and hope to collect them all, just closer to winter when I can actually wear them! Until then, hopefully this fitted white shirt can tide me over. I love nothing more than cute equestrian inspired clothing that doesn't overtly scream OMG I LOVE HORSIES. Add an additional nod to wine? I'm all in.

7. 17 Hands Spur Belt

I'm honestly not yet in the place in my life where I'm regularly purchasing $150 belts, but 17 Hands Equestrian has been making me strongly consider it! Luckily for my wallet they're out of my size in the Rose Gold Blush belt. It will probably stay on my wishlist through Christmas and possibly until my next birthday. Not to mention, their cute brand stickers also make me that much more inclined to purchase!

17 Hands Equestrian's GORGEOUS Rose Gold Blush Belt

17 Hands Equestrian's GORGEOUS Rose Gold Blush Belt

8. Roeckl Roeck Grip Lite

Northern California summers are scorchers. I can't live without gloves and my regular Roeckls only dry so much between rides. I don't need vented gloves, but damn do I want some.

9. White Back on Track Saddle Pad

Leo's getting older and, as a worrier-by-nature, I really want to make sure I'm reducing the wear and tear on his body as much as possible. I've heard great things about Back on Track and this pad would be great for him especially since he really needs a good warm up before he's loose in his stride and back. I love a crisp, white saddle pad, and it would reflect some summer sun. And yes I will be getting it monogrammed in white!

10. with matching White Back on Track Polo Wraps

I've wanted a set of classic white polos for a while, and again, I think I would go with Back on Track over other products to help with circulation for my favorite old man.

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