HH Reviews: Show ROOTDs

Coat - RJ Classics Grey Label Washable Coat

I loved this coat! I told myself when I got back into riding, I'd be disappointed if I didn't get to show while green was still 'in'. Well, luckily, I won't live with that regret. I got this coat from SmartPak for 50% off and it was a great purchase. It's comfortable, washable, slightly stretchy but not in an obviously synthetic way. It's polyester, but you can't really tell since it breathes so well! Also important, it blows beautifully in the breeze, (or full blown gusts of wind in my case) see below. I washed it after the show [after leaving it at the bottom of my laundry bin for a week] and had a near-meltdown after seeing that the Tide pod didn't fully wash off. I just re-rinsed it and let it hang dry and it luckily survived the dilemma.

2018-05-07 20_02_54.gif

10/10 for price, comfort and quality

Breeches - Tailored Sportsman Mid-Rise Breeches

I'm a huge fan of high-waist everything being back on trend, and thankfully it never really left the equestrian world. TS mid-rise breeches are the epitome of comfort and are great for not having to worry about those bloated days. I ended up purchasing a pair at the mobile tack trailer for Sunday and they only had my size in long, so my mid-rise became high-rise and they were INCREDIBLE. Very comfortable, and even with my jacket flapping all over the place, no one saw my shirt. Maybe it looks like I had a case of long-butt, but comfort > everything.


Rise up to my armpits and still so flattering!

9/10, highly recommend

Shirts - Ariat Sunstopper & RJ Classics Rebecca

I purchased the RJ Classics shirt last fall when it was on sale and glad I did. The firm collar and cuffs were nice for taking the shirt on and off while wearing make-up, or just being dirty in general. The cuffs were slightly uncomfortable, probably because the sleeves were slightly long for me and I think the shirts run a little bigger compared to Ariat. I did have to roll them up when I was not wearing my jacket, though you're probably supposed to since they have pretty prints on the inside of the collar and cuffs.

The Ariat shirt was the same breathable fabric as the sunstopper 1/4 zips with the same mesh on the underside of the sleeve (the RJ shirt had this as well). HOWEVER, the damn shirt stains SO EASILY. I got barely any make-up on it when I first received it in the mail and tried it on. Okay, Clorox penned it and washed with Oxyclean. Almost didn't come out... then stained it again after taking it off after the show. I don't wear a ton of make up when I ride so I don't know what happened. Also, does not have fancy cuffs, just a regular plain-end sleeve.

Both shirts: 7/10, overall would buy again considering prices of both

Gloves - Roeckl Roeck-Grip

No one wants to pay $50 for gloves, but there is a reason everyone does. If you have one splurge item, make it yo gloves girl! Especially if you're like me and cheap out on reins...

10/10, forever loyal to Roeckl

Spurs Straps - ManeJane Elephants with Black Strap

So placed an order for some spur straps from ManeJane the Tuesday the week before the show. After waiting about a week, I contacted the owner to see if they would ship. She said the strap was currently on backorder, but to choose another pair for them to send until my previous choice was back in stock. AND THEY OVERNIGHTED THOSE PUPPIES TO ME. They arrived the Friday before the show and I know they brought me good luck! Plus they're not flimsy at all like every other spur straps I've ever owned, keeping my heavy roller balls right in place! Peep these fancy elephants:

Mane Jane straps v. my old SmartPak straps sans crystal

Mane Jane straps v. my old SmartPak straps sans crystal


10/10 for quality and customer service

Belts - Hunt Club 'Counting Strides' & 'Half Pass' Derby Belts

What's not to love about Hunt Club Derby Belts? Nothing, that's what! There's a reason why every start up blogger with merch sells a HC inspired belt. They're comfy, adjustable, come in cute colors with catchy names. I'll be doing a review post eventually on all my Hunt Club items!

9/10, because Hunt Club