Prepping for My First Show as an Adult Ammy

My time back in The Ring is in exactly two weeks! So what have I been doing to prepare besides calculating how ounces of mimosa would perfectly calm my nerves for a 2'0 Hunter O/F class (I'm thinking ~6 oz.)? See below!


There are certain items one needs for a show (regardless of size) that are different from every day schooling. As much as I would love to wear my favorite olive breeches and riding vest that I'm never seen without, it's not show appropriate.

Luckily, I haven't had to do a ton of shopping for the show. Last December I noticed a gorgeous RJ Classics jacket on steep clearance and jumped on adding it to my wishlist on SmartPak. My lovely MIL gifted it and a pair of tan breeches to me for Christmas. Btw, that was the sign that I was meant to return to the show ring this year.

I only had to make a few other important purchases:

  • Show Shirts
  • Laced reins
  • Treats


So those breeches I received for Christmas? Yeah, their sizing is not as forgiving as Tailored Sportsmans. They're just a little tight in the waist, which sucks because that is usually where I'm most slim. I've been back on keto for two weeks now, and will just have to keep eating bacon through the show. Though, I have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it's been to transition back to low carb!

Riding, riding, riding.

2018-04-12 18_37_00.gif

I've been riding 3x week and... IT'S AMAZING. No wonder I was never really able to improve as a junior riding once a week. Not only being able to practice, but properly building to muscle to support the theories behind lessons has been great.

Squirrelling away all spare monies.

The best thing about cash budgeting is that you can physically move money out of your wallet and into your Top Secret Show Cash envelope. It's made it much easier for my to rein in (hehe) my spending in anticipation of horse show expenditures. Cheers to being a responsible adult!

Creating the Ultimate Riding Playlist.

So far, my super extra motivating awesome playlist consists of songs like:

  • Polaroid/Thunder/Believer, Imagine Dragons (okay many, many more I.D. songs)
  • I Lived, OneRepublic
  • Saltwater Gospel, Eli Young Band
  • Malibu Man, Dan Auerbach
  • Livin' the Dream, Drake White
  • Something Just Like This, Chainsmokers
  • Hall of Frame, The Script
  • Started from the Bottom, Drake (my husband makes fun of me for this SO MUCH)
  • Finish Line, Chance the Rapper

I can't list every song here, but you get the gist. Find songs that make you feel empowered and inspired, channel that feeling into your ride. You will be golden.

Selling the Show to Everyone.

I have always wanted that 'barn family' experience and I'm trying my hardest to cultivate it, if only for this one schooling show. Everyone I talk to is absolutely nagged to the point of exhaustion that they neeeeed to do at least one class! I will provide anything needed. I'm talking breakfast, post-ride champagne, coffee, donuts. And I'm happy to report a good majority of the adult ammies at the barn will be participating! #hype