12 Things

12 Things I Can't Live Without Lately


The Ordinary’s Rose Hip Seed Oil

Winter and combination skin don’t mix. The dryness of the air sends my oiliness into overdrive but luckily, I’ve found my secret weapon. Rose Hip Seed Oil sounds a little pretentious to me too, but it does amazing things for moisturizing my skin and healing up any blemishes. It’s a little weird slathering on oil before going to sleep, and it kind of smells like a delicious herbal tea, but whatever does the trick!

The new Bahamas album – Earth Tones

Besides the fact that the cover of the album is him on a horse, this is like the coolest, grooviest, blues-esque album I’ve heard in forever. On his older albums, I would kind of pick and choose my favorite songs, but this album is so easy to listen to all the way through. 10/10 perfect for driving slow with the windows down on a 70-degree winter day.


My First Linen Piece of 2018

I am obsessed with linen and am so ready for summer so I can fully embrace the wrinkled yet timelessly classy look. Until I’m in a higher tax bracket where I can afford a full wardrobe from notPERFECTLINEN, Uniqlo is a fabulous substitute. My first shirt for the summer just arrived, a super comfy navy blue button up, and I’ve been pairing it with skinny jeans or with a long, open cardigan and flats for work. It’s so comfortable, and if it’s anything like my last one that sadly disappeared, it will only get softer with wear.



Next on my Uniqlo Want List for linen office-wear:


Any imitation YETI tumblers I can find

Current favorite: the Hunt Club brand traveler mug. The YETI lids fit perfectly and it cools off enough to drink as opposed to the authentic YETIs which will burn your mouth well into the afternoon. Next on my want list: The Magnolia Vacuum Tumbler.

EveryDollar the app

Ever since my husband got a job!!!! buying a house has become a serious goal rather than a far and distant dream. Which also means we need to get our budget in order. I’ve tried mint before—wasn’t a fan. EveryDollar is straightforward to use, however, I’ve had relatively little success getting my husband to also log on and track his spending. Which is why we’re going full envelope system, so our little envelope binder is another item I can’t do without! Plus, it’s super cute:

All the black tea I can stomach

After realizing how much I spend on getting coffee every afternoon at work, I decided that a cheaper alternative was in order. Black tea is a close second to coffee in my favorite drinks list and is much easier to make at work than coffee. I got myself set up with a cute mug, some truvia and half and half in the lunch room fridge. Plus, it’s kind of sophisticated?

Trader Joe's

After ditching my low carb lifestyle of four plus years I was struggling to redefine what healthy eating was. I know not everything in TJ’s is health food (oh cookie butter, how I love thee) but it certainly makes it easier and cheaper to make the right choices.

Current favorite items: everything from their bakery section, frozen mango, cookie butter ice cream, garlic naan, green curry simmer sauce, cheese sampler, Mbali white, Porta 6 red blend, Hangtown red and Dearly Beloved I Thee Red. So, basically the entire store.


I won’t go into detail about my favorite podcasts, but they may include things like Heels Down Happy Hour. Nothing makes a work day pass easier than an engaging podcast and I would highly recommend them if you’re not afraid of being the walking office earbud.


Dublin River Boots

I added these lovelies to my SmartPak Wishlist on a whim for Christmas and my husband ended up getting them! Originally, I intended to use them strictly for rainy dog walks and pairing with leggings for trips to Target but, um, things get muddy at the barn in winter. After straight up washing my riding boots three times in a row (in the shower!) I decided I needed to use the Dublins for their intended purpose and save my stirrups from inch thick mud cakes. They’re wonderful. Warm with a sturdy toe box for horse stomps, waterproof and very cute. I may survive this winter yet.

Amazon Cloud Cam

We had a recent attempted break in. What I think happened was the person jiggled our sliding glass door enough to open it, discovered my ferocious doggos, got pissed and left and threw a rock to break the glass as a little parting f*** you. Otherwise why would the door be open a crack and the glass also broken?? Thank goodness our pups were unharmed, other than being pretty shaken up. I was decidedly indignant and no one messes with my fam, my pups or my home like that. The worst part too was not being sure of what exactly happened. That day we ordered 3 Amazon Cloud cams and had them delivered the next day. Maybe the government is watching us now, but then they're also watching if anyone tries to break in again.

The cams are awesome. You can live view at any time, they only record movements and you can download clips to your phone. My husband is also able to log into the app at the same time. You can get alerts for movements, but there’s too much going on for us to use that feature.


This fancy shmancy hair spray

I don’t even know what this stuff is called. I know it’s texturizing spray. It smells fabulous. It does amazing things to my new ‘do. Word of advice from a salon newbie: this isn’t Supercuts. They’re not trying to upsell you on overpriced Bed Head products. Try the stuff. The stuff works.

Grace & Frankie

Just watch it. All of it. It’s amazing.