Lesson Update 7.0 and News

My weekly lesson was last night and it’s another one of those head scratchers. The mare I’ve been raving about is out on trial (I think and I hope for just a lease) so I rode another horse. A small hunter gelding and it was a straight up work out. Like, my lungs hurt today because it was more cardio than anything.

We started with just popping over a small vertical and it escalated into us doing the whole hunter course set for the show there this weekend. It felt alright, a ton of effort compared to riding the mare. I actually had to like, leg to the jump and God forbid, keep him straight. #learningtoactuallyrideishard amiright? All good things, though, and I appreciate the different ride as I am there to learn.

My jumping position left something to be desired and I definitely felt like I was regressing into my always-jump-ahead habits, but the video doesn’t look too bad? Unfortunately, the video was from my trainer who sent it to me over text is too poor quality to post and I'm too embarrassed to ask her to email it to me. Hubby said he’ll *definitely* come next week to video on my camera so maybe I’ll post a course. I also got some Mini DV videos of my last show circa Summer 2007 dropped off at Costco to convert them to whatever relevant computer video file. Eventually I’ll post a little comparison video!

As far as news goes, I’ve decided to start riding two to three times a week. It will be a greater strain on our budget, but at this point I need/want to ride more in order to meet my desired progress. Plus, it’s an awesome workout and I need to build the muscle. I’m planning on purchasing a young warmblood around 2019 or 2020 and I need to improve significantly before I can do that safely and reasonably (as I'm currently barely keeping myself from falling off a push button lazy hunter).

V. emotional about treats. Mostly: GIVE IT TO ME.

V. emotional about treats. Mostly: GIVE IT TO ME.