Happy Birthday 'Murica!

The best thing about holidays other than paid vacation (woot woot) is the food, of course. Hubby and I made our way over to his parents' house and it was pretty much a smorgasbord. We had no choice but to throw away our healthy eating habits that have been established for like, a week. I'll be talking about our switch to healthier eating soon, e.g. as fresh as possible, good-gut microbiome promoting foods.

We were looking forward to some actual grilled hot dogs, but were met with ribs and Italian sausage among macaroni salad, salamis and cheeses, baked beans, a berry crumble, and the most amazing fruit salad. We took an extra long walk tonight to attempt to work some of it off, but we'll see how that goes.

I also have my first official riding lesson tomorrow, so time to get back into riding shape. I'm hyped. Also, it's been seven years so I'm expecting to have my butt kicked. I'm totally hoping they give me the laziest lesson pony so my work out is extra hard!

Also, someone needs to move the Fourth of July permanently to a Monday or Friday so proper wine can be had.