Tack Goals Achieved!!!

So, I recently acquired what is sometimes known as a dream saddle. CWD, Antares, Devoucoux, Voltaire, etc. They're all amazing. I always loved the fancy things.

When I began leasing Mikey, his owner didn't have a saddle for me to use so I purchased a used Circuit saddle which in theory was a great purchase. But it was ridiculously over-oiled (used) and scratched if I simply looked at it. When Mikey's lease ended I thought I would sell the saddle that I suddenly wasn't very fond of and listed it at a local used tack store.

AND SO I CASHED IN AND GOT THIS BEAUTY. She's a 2010 model CWD, all calf, 17.5" with an SE02 seat and 3L flaps. Comparing the seat wear to the flaps, it appears that the flaps were recently replaced and they are so gorgeous and grippy! The seat is in need of some TLC and will need to be replaced in the next few years, but I love my new piece of tack nonetheless. So pretty, but more importantly, fits my leg perfectly and it's so nice to have something that helps you when you ride (and I feel like that is hard to find??).

I hooked it up with some Millbrook leathers (cause why not?) and MDC stirrups because now I'm old and regular stirrups mess my knees right up. The quarter turn on the stirrups also does amazing things for my foot position in the stirrup. And the Millbrook leathers are a million times better than the shite Smartpak lined leathers I had originally. Sorry, Smartpak, I still love you!

I've heard something about 'buy quality and only cry once'. I'm still crying... but seriously, I wish I had never wasted my time on the Circuit saddle. Here's to hoping I won't make the same sort of mistake in the future... like on a horse. *Insert laughing, crying emoji