Heat and Horse Show Kinda Weekend

Hubby and I had big plans for the weekend, but they were mostly quashed by the heat. We did end up making it out to my barn for a little local hunter jumper show and I’m so glad we went. This was more to show him “the life” [we’ll soon be leading]. It was dreadfully hot and I have a feeling that’s why the show was so small and quiet, but we enjoyed it. We mostly sat ringside and watched the jumper and equitation rings.

Most notably, we got to witness the naughtiest pony trying to run out of the warm up ring with the little girl’s father literally catching it by the reins as it tried to run past him out of the ring to freedom. My husband, who knows this is his future, assured me that our kiddos will have the safest pony. Sounds good to me (but dat character building)!

I showed him around the rest of the grounds, but there wasn’t much to see. My favorite pon’ was gone and we were ready to go after an hour there. He agreed though that a small show or two next summer is definitely in the cards so I’d say braving the heat was a success.