Little Update

Wow, life has actually gotten busy. Or I've gotten lazier about social media, blogging, etc. but I thought I would stay committed to the twoh and give a little update. Yesterday, I celebrated a whole month at my big wig auditing job, woo! I haven't really done a whole lot else, other than realize that weekends are too damn short. I'm adjusting to the once a week lesson thing. It's not nearly as much time in the saddle as I'd like but I feel like I've already come so far since beginning lessons. I'm going to try to get my husband to come out and take pictures and video of a lesson soon, but I'm also kind of hoping to improve a little bit more before I'm documenting my terrible eq for all to see.

Most common conversations with my trainer:
"That looked awesome! You look so confident!" Yeah, faking it.
"Great lead change!" Yay! But I didn't ask for it...


I've also been busy taking care of my half lease, Mikey, who I can't ride because he's got so many damn ouchies. I really don't know a whole lot about equine first aid, but I don't think it's kind to ride if the horse is in pain. I'm pretty sure he's got some proud flesh developing around his bed sores.
And of course, Mikey's owner went out of town this weekend [and only thought to tell me the day before] so I'm stuck driving out to the barn every day to feed him and treat his ouchies.
And yesterday, I also got a nice little reminder that horses are strong and very large animals, and need to be treated as such. Mikey is super gentle, but as I was removing his vet wrap yesterday he gave the slightest flinch and knocked his knee on my face which I would guess is about equivalent to a human haphazardly punching me. Luckily he got my cheekbone and not my eye socket, but still... just a little reminder that horses can fuck you up at their slightest effort.
See the wounds in question below.