Introducing Our Pups

I thought I would do a little introduction since most of you see my dog all over my Instagram, and have yet to receive a formal introduction, though it would never happen in person anyway. You know we're good friends if you get to meet my dogs!

My husband and I have had Milo and James for almost as long as we've been together. I bought James with the proceeds from the sale of my first car my senior year of high school. Not long after, Milo was given to my husband as a high school graduation gift. 

To give you an idea about their personalities, every day when we get home, they hear our footsteps in the hallway. Milo'll bark as ferociously as possible (not that ferocious) until someone calls his name and he realizes there's no need to worry. Which is when JD realizes that his fam is home and starts barking from uncontrollable excitement (which I'm sure our neighbors love). They're a little bit opposite. James will jump into your lap for pets while Milo asks for attention with pleading puppy dog eyes from the couch. JD is very picky, Milo will eat his daily pill from your hand. JD loves other dogs so much that he screams as he tries to get to them, Milo is usually indifferent.

James, or JD, is known for his love for barking, toys, chewing and car rides. He is our "special child" and has legitimate melt downs when he sees a squirrel or small, white, fluffy dog (these ones he hates). He is loyal to the end though and is sweet and loving enough to more than make up for his excitability.

Milo loves three things in life: food, family and fetch, in that order. He's got bad hips and Addison's disease, which he takes steroids to treat, and they only make him hungrier. He has the worst breath I've ever smelt on a dog so he has mastered the surprise kiss. He's a total klutz too and is terrified of things being dropped on him or people tripping over him.