or Things You Would Know About Me if You Knew Me

I was going to do a whole spiel about my life story, how I got here, what this blog is about, but I thought it might just be easier to introduce myself with some things that most people would find out about me when they meet me.

1.     I recently married my high school sweetheart. We have two sweet fur-babies and the cutest little apartment.
2.     I’m a coffee addict like the rest of you.
3.     I am what happens when the crazy horse girl everyone knows, grows up. *Currently leasing a tall, dark and handsome OTTB.
4.     Sugar is the devil. Low-carb for the past 4 years.
5.     Northern California born and raised and [probably] never leaving.
6.     Recent graduate and am now adjusting to Real Life.
7.     My favorite things include: puns, wrapping gifts, jean jackets, podcasts, meeting happy doggos and Country/R&B playlists.
8.     Gifts are my love language.
9.     I am a neat and organization freak, but not a germophobe.
10.   I’m currently aspiring to: choose joy, be a better rider, have a proper capsule wardrobe, be a better more attentive friend, and achieve the Two-H (own a home and horse).