Apartment Living

Today we signed our lease renewal for another 18 months, putting us right where we projected we would have the abilities (dat cash) to buy a house. The excitement is so real, so please do a happy dance and perhaps have a glass of wine in our honor.

Obviously, apartment living is not everyone’s dream come true, but I’ve grown oddly attached to this place. We’ve been here for a little over two years. From where we came from though (real rough roommate situation), this apartment has been heaven. The location is ridiculous in a good way. We very recently just discovered the most gorgeous walking neighborhood, too, which makes dog walks so much more enjoyable. I’m gonna break this down into a pro con list.


  • Cheap. Cheap rent, cheap utilities, cheap yard upkeep, ha. This means saving for a nicer home more quickly, like 18 months quickly!!
  • Less square footage to clean, but that's all I do anyway.
  • No shit roommates. Setting the thermostat where you please, privacy, cleanliness at your desired levels, space in the refrigerator, etc.
  • Our neighborhood is so amazing. A home mortgage or even rent would be more than three times more than our rent.
Views aren't too shabby at sunset, either.

Views aren't too shabby at sunset, either.


  • That one psycho couple that lived above us. He got arrested and they, evicted. Shout out to management. Just pointing out that it's very possible to live next to people like this.
  • The people who don’t pick up their dog poo and don’t walk their Bichons and/or Chihuahuas on a leash.
  • Having to parking more than 30 feet away from your home is lame.
  • No backyard for the doggos. And you better believe it can take an extra 20 minutes to get ready for work in the morning because you have to take the dogs out and Milo has to pee on every single bush.