Recent Happenings

Last Tuesday I started my first Grown Up Job as a college graduate. But I should say career, because I plan on staying and promoting. My boss and teammates are all super nice and welcoming. It’s a very family-friendly office (so many baby pictures!!) and I can’t wait to get further integrated and really get to know the work.

I’ve got a little disbelieve about how lucky I was, though. I was sure I was going to be stuck working my student assistant position through the rest of the summer. Thank God everything worked out though, because I turned down like six other interviews after accepting the tentative offer. But most importantly, I got a parking spot.

One of the other amazing things about working full-time and not going to school is that WEEKENDS = WEEKENDS. Not time for homework. Not time for group projects. Not time for studying. So this weekend we went to our friend’s super cute home for a barbeque and then walked down to a little concert in the park shindig. The whole thing just smelled of summer bliss and I loved it.