Ending the Lease

I’ve known for a while that the lease with Mikey wasn’t going to work out, but once I admitted it to myself and my husband (‘I told you so’s were plentiful) I kept procrastinating making the call. The decision mostly had to do with where she boards him. The barn owners are nice, but it’s a ghost town when I would go out to ride and I’m just not comfortable riding a somewhat spooky horse when there’s no one to call an ambulance if I break my neck. I’m just not there, confidence-wise.  

I told Mike's owner that I would be ending the lease Sunday night and feel so, so guilty. And even worse was last night going to see him and he was just. so. sweet. Super enthusiastic nickers when he sees me, gave me all the cuddles. So, yeah. Heart = breaking.

On another note, I forgot just how hard it is to find a good lesson barn. But also, I’ve never really had to contact trainers and introduce myself before, and it’s apparently harder than I thought. I’ve reached out to five places and will probably have to seek out a few more. I've secured lesson... I guess trainers just don’t own lesson horses anymore? But if you know anyone in the Sacramento/Elk Grove area, please refer me!