Busiest Weekend

This weekend was SO hectic, though I can't say our time could've been better spent! Saturday we attended a baby shower at [seriously] the most gorgeous home and property I've ever visited! The owners just started growing grapes in 2010, have already won multiple San Francisco International Wine Competition awards and are the just the kindest people and most deserving people. Anyway, #goals.

And on Sunday, Brett and I drove my grandparents into San Francisco for my cousin's graduation. Traffic was rough but we avoided most of it; nothing like a ten mile detour to save 17 minutes! The whole way there and back we got to hear my grandparents' stories about living all over California which was really sweet. The actual graduation ceremony was short and sweet but I still legit cry every time I hear a valedictorian speech!

The only bad part about the weekend was that Brett got worn down enough to get sick. Lucky for him, today was my last day of freedom before beginning full-time work so I was able to take care of him and dose him up on Dayquil. Will write more on my new job later!!