2017 Gift Guide (for non-equestrians)

Gift giving and wrapping are pretty much my favorite holiday tasks (after making spiked hot cocoa), and this year has been especially fun and challenging. I've done my best to share my gifting thought process without giving away too much!

Twoh Gift Guide.jpg

Significant Other

I can’t be the only one who does the obvious underwear, undershirts and socks rendition for Christmas, but these are but mere stocking stuffers. In recent years, we haven’t had an endless budget for Christmas gifts, and we still don’t but I strongly suggest purchasing quality over quantity.

  • Leather goods. As an equestrian, I’ve been conditioned to really love anything leather and somewhat force it upon my husband. Etsy is a great resource for handmade leather goods with a huge range of prices. Wallets, laptop cases, Dopp kits, quality clothing (leather jacket) and leather boots are all fab ideas.
  • Serious outerwear. Costco and Patagonia are my favorite. Patagonia also has Worn Wear if you’re on more of a strict budget and it never hurts to support environmentally responsible companies.
  • Quality denim.
  • Hobby Items. Be sure they're actually involved with said hobby, but these are great because prices can range from a very small accessory to a large item (hopefully with a gift receipt!).
  • Little extras, for example: shave kits, coffee tumblers, Bluetooth speakers, phone cases, belts, cologne, slippers, pajamas, and robes.
  • Specific gift cards. For a date night out, night out with friends, car washes, coffee shop close to their work, etc.

Parents & Grandparents

Delicious teas, thoughtful ornaments, cookies and chocolates and anything cozy (robes, blankets, slippers) are all my go-to. Ornaments are considered extra thoughtful if they have your face on them!

Siblings & Cousins

I try to keep this to a funny or useful (or both!) gift. Scarves, humorous calendars, an extra pair of headphones, and anything you find on ‘New and Interesting’ on Amazon usually qualify as great gifts.

Aunts & Uncles



Homemade things, especially if you aren’t officially exchanging gifts. Cookies, truffles, peppermint bark. This year we’re giving homemade Kahlua a try.


You should know your coworkers better than acquaintance status for this one. Secret Santas are easier but if you’re just doing like a $5 gift per friendly coworker, hot cocoa and boxes of candy are great. If you know a certain coworker brings iced coffee every day, you could gift them coasters for their desk. Falls asleep at their desk more than once a week? Desk napping pillow. A mug and tea or a lunch bag are also a great, not-too-personal choice. White elephant gift exchanges are ideal!