Holiday Season in Full Swing 1

Apple Hill

Last weekend hubby and I made our annual trip to Apple Hill, this time to pick up pies for our various Thanksgiving meals—yep, multiple. We ended up with one Dutch Apple Crumb something pie. It looks delightfully full of sugar and future remorse. The other is an APPLE PUMPKIN pie. See pictures. Pumpkin pie is by far my favorite and I usually make two to four per year but thought my family might be tired of them so decided to just make two this year, one for work and one for the barn (so glad I get to say that this year!). Anyway, Apple Hill:

We decided to branch out and try some new farms compared to the classic, super busy spots. They were very meh. We got an apple turnover at the first farm. Lacked something, possibly flavor? After that we headed to the normal, tourist-y giant farm where you actually get to park in the orchard and got two apple donuts there. Pure heaven. I’m Queen of Brand Loyalty and honestly don’t know why I try to branch out anymore. I unfortunately didn’t get any cute pictures of husband and I, but I did get a few of the gorgeous fall colors!

Season's Feelings

Thankful. So, so thankful. This year I graduated and found an amazing job in my chosen field. I’ve been lucky enough to provide for my little family (#justadultthings). I finally got to return to riding and it’s been so fulfilling. We have our pups that complete our lives and our little apartment is feeling homier than ever. But best of all, my husband just got his dream job that he’ll have through graduation and after. I’m so proud and so happy for him. Cheers, love! You deserve all the things.