What could make a weekend better?

My weekend was filled with all things horses annnnd it that obviously made it amazing.

Friday I had my "regular day off" or RDO as my office calls it. I was hyped for my lesson, mostly because my husband was coming to video me both so I can identify my biggest equitation mistakes and track my progress. I'm almost wondering how annoying it would be if I made him come to every Friday lesson to video and take pictures. I was also hyped for riding because I got my new Tailored Sportsman breeches in the mail that day!!! Review and pictures of my black pair to come soon!

When I first looked at these pictures I was fawning over his dapples... until I realized he was just really sweaty and fluffy and drying out. This boy needs a clip, and I really hope he gets it! Next on the agenda: teach my husband how to focus the camera, and hold it steady while taking video. For now, it was enough to just get him out there and get some pictures with my favorite pon.

For the lesson, we did strictly flat work and went back to basics working on effective transitions. Which was great because I've literally never been able to do trot to canter transitions on Leo, and I need to do some serious work on any right lead canter transitions (especially lead changes, but that'll come later). 

My biggest eq problems steam mostly from my upper body: slouching/round shoulders and my arms and hands are all over the place. My canter transitions also suck because I throw my reins away and I really need to work on that. My heel could be lower. My lower leg should also swing a lot less in the canter.

Positive things in the video: mostly how damn cute Leo looks (unless I'm messing up a transition), his perky little expression is the best! Oh and I loved my outfit.



Saturday night hubby and I attended the Longines Grand Prix at the Sacramento International Horse Show. It's a World Cup Qualifier so there were a few big names there, like Rich Fellers and Richard Spooner. My camera is not obviously not suited to low light at all (see above video). Props to hubby for always coming with me to all the horse things that probably aren't that exciting to normal people.

Shout out to R. Fellers for not dying on that final fence!

Shout out to R. Fellers for not dying on that final fence!

I rounded off the weekend with a lesson Sunday morning. I was lucky enough to ride my Leo, and we focused on the basics and flat work again. This time was counting strides to a pole to crossrail and then a set of poles that makes up a five stride, which we did in five strides and then six. A majority of the work was to the right to get his canter which took so much effort, but cheers to muscle building and Leo making me learn the correct way to ask for the canter.

It was cool enough that Leo didn't really sweat from the lesson which eliminated a hose down afterwards. To be honest, I was a little disappointed as it means more barn time, but I still gave him his paddock cakes and cuddles and hosed his muddy legs off.