I Vote October for Month of the Year

A Legitimate Harvest Party

The other weekend my husband and I and our friends attended a harvest party for a winery that’s owned by some of my husband’s relatives. Their place is gorgeous, their wine is always delicious and they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I’ve posted pictures of their place before from a previous visit and I’m still so in awe of the property. Their kitchen window looks down a hill over a horse paddock. The home itself is a dream with the cutest wrap around porch and gorgeous vaulted ceilings when you walk in. They’ve created the perfect outdoor entertaining space as well. Like I said, I haven't met more deserving people. I've found that's most successful people, though!

It was a true Fall Day, so we went right to sipping wine and warming up around the fire pit. I think there were five wines offered: a cabernet, two zinfandels (one late harvest), a red blend and a port. I don’t drink port but tried all the others and loved the regular zinfandel and red blend. We took home a few bottles to give as Christmas gifts to our wine-loving family members.

Honestly, though, I feel like the best idea in the world would be an equestrian center winery conglomerate. Tasting room next to the tack room. Barn parties would be amazing. Other adult amateur friends wouldn’t be so hard to come by. A girl can dream.

Great Dog Mom or the Greatest?

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m not a fan of Halloween. However, I am a fan of Chewy and when I saw that they were selling dog Halloween costumes for only, like, $12? I had to order some for our puppers.

They both got to dress up as their worst enemies. Milo hates UPS delivery men with his entire being (USPS and FedEx drivers, too). He’s easily startled as am I, which is why all my packages no longer list our apartment number but say Deliver to Office.

James’s mortal enemy has always been the squirrel. When he was just a puppy and would hang out on my bed looking out the window of my childhood home and the squirrels would cavort the in trees mere feet from him—he’s hated them.

Unfortunately, it was too dark outside by the time we got them out for a walk in their costumes but we got some sweet indoor pictures. THEY ARE SO CUTE. And surprisingly cooperative!