Husbands at the Barn

I've been reserving Fridays that I have off for riding lessons and it's really been paying off - especially since my husband agreed to come with me! It's only every other Friday and he already has the day off (law school lyfe) so he's not too put out. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for him, he's been steadily improving on the picture and video taking front as shown below and has agreed to continue coming to document my progress. Plus, he actually seems to enjoy his time there, as opposed to his first time videoing but that probably had something to do with seeing the lesson check!

Documenting progress is important. I mean, if you look at the video from yesterday's lesson above and compare it to this video from early September, I have improved a lot. I knew and could feel that that lesson was rough, but it's incredibly helpful to witness your problems. From that video I decided to work on 1) finding distances and 2) not floating my hands in space. They've both been relatively improved because I focused on working on them. It's one thing to hear your trainer yell, "LOWER YOUR HANDS!" and another to see yourself doing the butterfly stroke while approaching a fence. 

From yesterday's video I can tell that I no longer have to leg like crazy to the jumps, which was realized on Course 2 and improved on Course 3. My shoulders are also ridiculously rounded and I'll need to actually start wearing my shoulders-back brace at work. Cubicle life is hard on your posture. Other than that, I need to remember to keep my legs tighter over the jumps and not sit up while landing - my butt always hits the saddle on landing. But honestly, I'm so thankful and proud I've come this far since July and that my husband has been there to support me.

Cheers and thank you to all horse husbands and everything you do for the sport!