Holiday Wishlist/Window Shopping

Christmas is my favorite time of year, by far. Last year my husband and I travelled for the holidays and I felt that I didn’t get to fully relish in the spirit of the season. Poor me, right? We won’t be spending our holiday at the beach this time around, but at home with family, food and our pups.

Christmas won’t be any less exciting though and I’ve got some great gifts planned! Unfortunately, I can’t publish those where they can be seen—yet. New blog posts in the next month might include What To Buy for the Husband That Is Adamant About Not Wanting Anything, Winning the White Elephant Gift Exchange, and I Have Four Brother-In-Laws, Help! 

And it may only be the beginning of November, but I’ve been thinking long and hard lately about what tops my Want It but Don’t Need It Enough to Buy It Myself List. Mostly because I love shopping and haven’t found a justification [yet] for the following products. In case you’re wondering, I am listening to the Classic Christmas Songs Spotify playlist whilst I write.



Show Paraphernalia

Horseware Competition Jacket in Hunter Green

I’ve always been a huge fan of hunter green and if I don’t get in on showing while it’s still in style I’ll be devastated. I seriously wish prices were this reasonable when I was showing as a junior, I might've stuck around the show scene a little longer.

CoolBlast Dover Show Shirt in Grey or Midnight

These. Shirts. Are. Life. I cannot belief how riding fashion has evolved. Everything is so much more comfortable and affordable. Dover is almost winning my heart away from SmartPak. It’s a seduction akin to Damon stealing Elena away from Stephan.

RR Suede Belt in Navy

I’ll need a nice belt to go with my pretty hunter green jacket, right?


For Schooling


How can I become a hunter queen without an EquiVisor? Kidding… a little. I use a lot of retin-a and Vitamin C products and would like to keep the sun from irritating my sensitive face. Plus, staying out of the sun also helps avoid wrinkles and having to buy a darker concealer as I tan annoyingly quick.

EquiFit ShouldersBack

I no longer have the best posture my mom has ever seen. This needs to be corrected before the hunchback of cubicle life sets in!

Ariat Lowell ¼ Zip in Black

I imagine myself wearing this as a part of an all black everything, super sleek ensemble. Maybe I'm even riding a black horse and I nail every distance. Call it a dream, but I love quarter zips and this would make a lovely addition to my collection. 

Tailored Sportsman Ice Fil in Mauve with Cranberry

Who doesn't want a TS Ice Fil shirt? No one, that's who. The mauve is the perfect girly yet neutral and I feel like this would be the perfect shirt for a spring clinic that I have neither signed up for nor am anywhere near prepared for. Pretty nonetheless.


Normal Person Items

Either the Patagonia Los Gatos ¼ Zip in Drifter Grey or the Re-Tool Snap Pullover in Feather Grey

I can’t imagine anything cozier than these fleece works-of-art. I can just imagine a cold January morning, curling up on the couch with tea and Netflix and hopefully not our space heater because I’ll be warm enough with the fleece.

Lorac PRO Palette 3

I got this palette last year for Christmas. And if it's not broke don’t fix it! I love the warm tones and how little I have to think about my eye make up every morning.

Another Madewell Tote

Either one of these will do:
Tinted Blush
Dark Cabernet


Side Note: I don't actually expect to get many or any of these things. It's always been fun for me to window shop and if it helps a horse husband pick out some gifts, I'm all for it!